Sexiest Legs


Poster for the sexiest pair of legs contest.

Sean Sheil, Writer, Videographer

Bob Jones High School is a very good school both athletically and academically but, it can very strange and quirky.  They have spirit week which withholds dress-up days like salad dressing day, but one of the most awkward things that a lot of the newer kids have experienced is the best pair of legs contest.  The contest has the students comically vote for teacher such as Mr. Parker, Mr. Craft, Coach Yancey and Coach Rose.  This contest is run by the number 9 Bob Jones volleyball team.  Only one dollar per vote the money form this contest helps the team greatly.

Mr. Robby Parker, principal of the school, and Mr. Craft the advanced drama teacher are the obvious favorites against the 7 others for the top spot and the title of best legs.  “In my opinion, Coach Yancey will win the sexiest legs,” Mrs. Panogos said about the competition.  “I do have some sexy legs, or so my wife tells me,” competitor Mr. Craft said about the competition.