Twilight For-never

Breaking Dawn part 2 tickets

Kaley Bush and Lauren Askins

For some, this month was when the Twilight series came to an exciting end and for others, it came to a long awaited end.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 came out the midnight of November 16, the first Twilight movie came out in 2008 and the following five movies subsequently followed. Each movie had people lining up at movie theaters for the midnight showings.

From the start, fans either joined Team Edward or Team Jacob, rooting for their favorite boy to win Bella’s heart. Those who weren’t fans of Twilight couldn’t wait until it was over. Lilly Higdon, a sophomore, says, “I just want it to end. Honestly, I liked the books, but the movie and all the Twilight fanatics get on my nerves.”

Others were thrilled every time another movie came and have read the series numerous times. Sadie Turner, a senior, says, “I read the series in eighth grade and it has been a long anticipated wait to see the final film. I’m stoked.”

The new movie is a good film that is somewhat like the book. There is an exciting twist at the end that will leave you in tears and on the edge of your seat. Some Twilight fans might be mad that it is not exactly like the book, but the twist was just enough to keep people interested, it led to an audible gasp throughout the movie theater. According to Yahoo, Breaking Dawn Part 2 got more than 390.4 million dollars.