Texting While Walking… Think Twice

Connor Sawyer, Writer

Recently, in Birmingham, England, a woman named Laura Safe walked right into a frozen canal while texting her boyfriend. Fortunately, she received no injuries and recovered quickly after a cold splash. Safe was later quoted as saying that she “thought the ice on the canal was pavement because it looked dark in the corner of my eye. I don’t text anymore. I’m too scared.”

It’s been proven that texting while driving is extremely dangerous.  What about texting while walking? Many teens can be seen before, after, between, and even in classes catching up on the latest text or tweet, casually taking their eyes off whatever is in front of them.

Corwin Fick, a junior, reported, “There is some danger to texting while walking, but I think many students, including myself, can handle multi-tasking very well.” He also stated that there are some places that students should never text, such as “a busy crowd or the parking lot.”

Sarah Bignault, another student at Bob Jones, said something similar, even going as far as to have said, “Texting and walking is not really a danger.” Both of these students have never texted nor plan on texting while driving.

Fick and Bignault’s reaction to Safe’s accident is one of humor. Fick found it “hilarious,” and Bignault remarked, “It reminds me of me when I’m texting and walking.  I always run into poles and walls without realizing it.”