Ooh Gurl, Working That Onesie!


Kaitlin Fiscus, Writer

Has a snuggie just never been enough? Well, then maybe you should try the Forever Lazy!

Instead of being open and flowing, like a snuggie, the Forever Lazy is closed off, much like that onesie you owned when you were a baby.  It comes in three stylish colors and even has a hatch in the back for convenience on those cold winter nights.

“Forever Lazy is the most useless thing since the Snuggie,” said Josiah Ernest, a junior at Bob Jones.

There have been many infomercials–a paid commercial that informs people about a product–all over the television promoting this “useless” invention. It is unknown exactly how many of these have been sold.

“This product shows that we, as a culture, are out of ideas,” said Alanis Craig.

It only costs $19.95, plus shipping and handling, and can be ordered over the phone, online, or even be bought in the “As Seen On TV” section at stores, such as Rite Aid.

If you are out of ideas for Valentine’s Day presents, this might be the answer.