Spring Break!!!

Kyle Taylor

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Boys are out buying new swimming trunks. Girls are out buying new bikinis. Parents are taking off of work. Everybody is getting ready. What are they getting ready for? They are preparing for spring break.

Teens and adults count down the days waiting for this fun filled week.  With fewer vacation days in the school year, students and teachers are antsy.

Many will be spending their spring break soaking up the sun and having fun on the beach. Panama City is the most ideal place to go for Spring Break, but many families visit elsewhere.  Some even enjoy a “staycation.”

“I will be spending my spring break in Washington D.C., so I can work on my photography,” said Bree Versaw, a sophomore.

Not every family is going to spend their spring break at the beach. Some people will be spending this Spring Break bonding with their family or perfecting a craft.

“My family and I decided to stay home and spend quality time with each other this spring break,” said Frank Chew.  Mrs. Panagos plans to paint her home office.  “It’s not exactly exciting,” she added.

Whatever your plans are, as Mr. Parker says, “Be safe.”


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