The Tales of Teen Read Week

Step into the unknown

Kayla Carden, Editor

Once upon a time, there was an enchanted week where teens gathered and read inspiring text that would help them on their quests through life. Well, saying “once upon a time” is misleading; that’s all happening right now.

It’s Teen Read Week, guys. From October 13th to the 19th, YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association) is encouraging the Teen Read Week initiative throughout public libraries, bookstores, and yes, the Bob Jones Media Center.

Why do we have a Teen Read Week, you ask? Well, one, reading is cool. And, according to’s Children Book’s site, Teen Read Week encourages teens to read more regularly for fun.

This year’s Teen Read Week sub-theme is “Seek the Unknown @ your library”. As the Teen Read Week site says, this year’s sub-theme is all about looking at the unknown through reading in the fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, and mystery genres. You see? You can be an explorer of the world of fiction without being weird.

If you’re still not sure what you want to read, ask around. I did, and I got about ten answers per person. I had to slowly inch away from one person after they gave me literally fifteen series. Junior Mary Smith says, “I recommend Harry Potter to everyone, and The Princess Bride is a classic.” Another junior, Tina Tian, says she recommends anything science-fiction. Tian notes that she “doesn’t have a lot of time just to read for pleasure any more…”  She feels badly about it. During Teen Read Week, you can make time!

You don’t have to round up your hard-earned money to buy books, either. Just go to the Bob Jones Media Center; it’s prepped for the event and has a huge selection from which you can pick. Plus, you’re helping support the library overall. Getting to do your favorite thing and being a good person is a win!

So head up to the Bob Jones library, crack open your tome of choice, and explore the unknown.