The Secret Ingredient of Secret Snowmen


Kayla Carden

How can you resist such a cute snowman’s face?

Kayla Carden, Editor

Yes, yes, it’s almost winter break. Calm down, you maniacs! It’s understandable to be excited about time off, but is everyone forgetting the true spirit of Christmas? This winter should be about giving to the less fortunate, accepting others, and everything else on the back of the Rudolph DVD case.

Of course, the most logical bunch of Bob Jones would be the ones to restore the Christmas status quo. Mu Alpha Theta, the math honor society, is selling Secret Snowmen the week of December 9-13 throughout lunch for only $1.

So basically, they’re selling James Bond as Frosty the Snowman to become your personal bodyguard. Cool, right? No! What does that have to do with the spirit of altruism? The Secret Snowmen are sweet treats of candy canes and an accompanying message you can send to whoever. “You just write who you want to send [the message] to on the front, and a message on the back [of the slip],” Sarah Schumacher, Mu Alpha Theta member and seller of the Snowmen, explained. “They’ll likely be delivered sometime next week.”

So, you write out a sweet message to a friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, or someone who just needs a smile to their day, and get them free food in the process. Going anonymous means there is no glorifying of being a “giving, superior” person; it’s just good old fashioned making other people happy. Mu Alpha Theta members also get service hours from working the Secret Snowman stand, so contributing to the sale will also help them out.

In addition, the money you pay to make one person happy gets donated to the Red Cross to help people affected by the Philippine typhoon. It’s a literal “Christmas spirit of giving” party.

And, all cheesy holiday special messages aside, that really is the perfect way to end this semester. It’s been a long, hard ride, riddled with hardship. With the approaching bitter coldness – finals, of course – giving or receiving a candy cane and a nice message may be the only way to keep some people going until December 15th. So, sweeten someone’s winter: buy a Secret Snowman during lunch!