Everyday They’re Calculatin’

Bob Jones Math Team T-shirt.

Armon Mobasher, Writer/Photographer

In this corner, we have the meanest of the mean; the baddest of the bad; it is the Bob Jones Math Team! And in this corner, we have all the other math teams in the state. Who will win this brawl of the century? Let’s find out.

Round 1: The Fall Start Up Event

The Fall Start Up Event is the first test that the Math Team takes in the season. It is given by National Assessment and Testing.

Bob Jones placed 14th in the nation after taking this test, along with several nationally ranked mathletes: Kevin Duan, 15th, amongst all the sophomores who took the test, Joey Li, 6th, and Winston Van, 17th, amongst all the freshman in the nation.

Round 2: Team Scramble

Team Scramble is a test that can be taken by your whole math team. You have 30 minutes to work on 100 questions ranging from basic arithmetic to Calculus.

When Bob Jones Math Team took this test, they got a personal best score of 64—being the highest score in the state of Alabama—placing them in 7th in the nation.

Round 3: Alabama Math Test

The Alabama Math Competition was a PreCalculus test that the team took on November 16th at the University of Alabama.

The students with the highest scores placed. At this competition, there were several Bob Jones students who placed. Winston Van, a freshman, placed 8th, Olivia McCoy, a senior, placed 16th, and Kevin Duan, a sophomore, placed 20th.

Round 4: Mathfax

Mathfax is a string of tests that is taken over the course of the school year and the student(s) with the highest combined score of 100—25 for each test— place.

So far, out of two of the four tests, there are two students with a perfect score of 50 in Geometry: Joey Li and Anthony Zhu, being ranked at 2nd and 3rd in the nation, respectively. Bob Jones, as a team, ranked 4th in both Geometry and Advanced Math with a score if 145 and 149, respectively.

Round 5: Math Madness

Math Madness is a bracket tournament (consisting of teams from all over the nation) that is taken over the course of the first semester.

This is the first year that this competition has been held. Scores are taken by the average of the top 20 players in the team–one point for each question correct with ten questions.

In this tournament, Bob Jones made it to the top 8 teams in the nation, also known as the Elite 8, being eliminated by only ½ point.

Round 6: Vestavia Hills Math Tournament

The Vestavia Hills Math Tournament is a tournament held every year in December by the notorious Birmingham school, Vestavia Hills.

There are Geometry, PreCalculus, and Calculus divisions. In this tournament, the Geometry Team placed 1st,and the PreCalculus team placed 3rd, along with individual placements by Joey Li (1st), Winston Van (3rd), and Anthony Zhu (7th) in Geometry.

In PreCalculus, Kevin Duan placed 4th with Chan Lee following close behind in 12th place. In Calculus, Tina Tian place 12th.

When asked about the team’s accomplishments over the past semester, sponsor and coach, Mrs. Kimberly Cox, stated, “I am so very proud of the math team’s accomplishments this semester!  This group of students is the hardest working group that I have ever coached.   Next semester will pose some challenges for our freshman team because they will be graduating from a Geometry team to an Algebra II team. The future for math team is looking bright!”

TKO. The Bob Jones Math Team just knocked out their opponent to win the brawl of the century. There you have it folks, and see you next year.