PROM is almost here!


Casey Marley

A photograph of this year’s prom invitation.

Casey Marley, Editor

Despite the cold weather over spring break, April is just around the corner.  With this in mind, the juniors and seniors of Bob Jones High School have one thing on their mind: Prom.

“I’m really looking forward to spending time with all the people I’ve been with or at least around for the last four years, longer in some cases.  It really feels like a tribute to getting through the last 12 years of our life and something to get us through the final stretch as we get close to being done…and I’m also excited to see everyone dress up…and how all the guys clean up,” said senior Caralyn Patton.

How will the students be expected to “clean up”?

According to fashion teacher, Mrs. Wheeler, long dresses are back for girls and fitted is the buzz word for tuxedoes.

“Well the guys will be wearing the classic tux, that’s always in style.  I think you might see more of a fitted look on the men, because the style is a flat front pant with a fitted look, real narrow legs versus the wide trousers pant…For the girls, I’ve been seeing a lot of the long dresses with the mermaid bottom hem…that’s really poplar, a lot of strapless gowns, you’re going to see a lot of color,” said Mrs. Wheeler.

Bob Jones’ Prom will return to the North Hall of the Von Braun Center on Saturday April 5th, 8 pm through 11:30 pm.