Winter Art Festival: Sharing Creative Minds

Tiffany Wu, Writer

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On the evening of December 10, 2015, Bob Jones High School held their annual winter art show, with the visual art classes and concert and jazz band. All semester, the art classes from Art 1 to more advanced students have been working hard to create masterpieces. The walls were lined up with portraits of classmates, paintings of feet, and abstract pieces of art. There were about 175 art students featured this year, each student with at least 2 pieces displayed. The hallway was filled with wonder and joy as parents and students got to see the talent at Bob Jones.

Why do you like to do art and do you plan to advance your skills in art?

“I like to do art because I have always seen it as an achievement to be good at it. I plan to do as many as possible art classes at Bob Jones so I can become an art teacher when I get older.” -Sammy Siwko (9)

During the art show, the jazz band performed holiday music to add to the excitement. While the art show wrapped up at 7, the concert band performed seasonal tunes in the auditorium. They played songs like A Christmas Festival, Merry Christmas Darling, Stille Nacht, Christmas from the 50’s, Green Sleeves, and Sleigh Ride. It took a lot of preparation and time, but the result was wonderful.

What instrument do you play and why do you enjoy being a part of the band?

“I play flute and I enjoy being a part of the band because we’re like family. We not only play together, but we learn and grow together.” -Kathryn Tippie (9)

Wherever the band goes, the color guard goes, too. They were holding a silent auction and also passing out the programs. The drum line also held a bake sale with cookies and brownies. The visual arts and band electives have worked very hard in the first 18 weeks of school and this was their time to shine.

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