BJ Gets In the Christmas Spirit


Picture from their Facebook

Eva Yeager, writer

With the holidays coming up, Bob Jones organized multiple opportunities for students to give back to our community. 

Spanish Club and Spanish  classes sent gallon-size bags filled with toys and hygienic supplies to the kids in Guatemala for the “Friends of the Children Foundation.” 

Beta Club organized a canned food drive, and second block classes competed to see who could donate the most food. The second block with the most canned food and money will win Chick-Fil-A.

National Honor Society recently helped at Dublin Park’s Kris Kringle Market, Madison Lantern Parade and Downtown’s rescue Mission Nativity event.

Key Club and Junior Civilians Club signed up to help at Santa’s Village in downtown Huntsville and hosted the Toys for Tots activity.

The holidays isn’t just about giving back to people; Patriot Paws collected donations for food and pet toys for local animal shelters.

There are still plenty of ways you can help out local families during the holiday break. It never hurts to invite people over for Christmas dinner or to volunteer at your local shelters. It’s also a good time to clean out your closet and donate items to the Good Will, Salvation Army, or Asbury Thrift Store.