Lunch Changes

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Lunch Changes

Holly Bradshaw, Writer

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There have been changes to Bob Jones lunch schedule recently. You may have noticed that during your third block, the times are a few minutes off than what it used to be. Third lunch used to start at 1:11; now it begins at 1:17. This is because administration made a decision to shorten lunch from a 35-minute lunch to a 30-minute lunch at the beginning of second semester.

The reasoning behind this choice is due to students exhibiting less than their best behavior during these last five minutes– rough-housing, leaving a mess, or attempting to leave campus.

BJ student Madeline Moe said, “ I think it’s stupid because it already takes awhile to get your food if you’re waiting in the lunch line, so we don’t have a full 30 minutes anyway. Just because people were misbehaving in the last five minutes doesn’t mean that time should be cut; I think people are still going to do that now and that it won’t really change anything.”

Sophomore Peyton Robinson added, “ The five-minute lunch reduction simultaneously manages to be both insignificant and completely fails to accomplish its supposed goal, which I’ve heard is to reduce the time students have to do things against the rules, like leaving the school. This reduction has no reason to prevent them from such activities. I understand why it happened, but I don’t necessarily see it accomplishing its goal.”

Graham Jones said,“Honestly, I think the people at fault need to be more mature; they need to act like high schoolers. Freshmen or not, they aren’t in elementary or middle school.”

Overall, the lunch changes are only mildly noticeable to the majority of students surveyed, and students still have much more time to eat than students in previous years.

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