Fall Break… More Than a Treat!


Fall Break lasted a whole week, but it still didn’t feel long enough. Fall break allows students and teachers to recuperate. Not all school systems have the privilege of such lengthy fall breaks; some school systems only allow for a couple of days of break or have completely purged the fall break from the yearly calendars. Thankfully, Madison City Schools released their proposed calendar for the 2018-2019 school year with the week-long fall break aligning with nearby school systems.

Breaks are necessary in a school year in order to relieve the stress and tension of striving to get good marks and maintain a satisfactory grade point average. Senior Malachi Battle commented, “Sometimes school can be too much, and everyone needs a break from time to time.” This insight on fall break and how significant it is for the benefit of students, teachers, faculty, and staff alike. Erin McNamara agreed. “I think breaks are important throughout the school year. School can get extremely stressful to some, and it’s good to get a break every now and then.”

Students concluded that the break is very helpful to them in giving them much needed time off, and sometimes they are even useful. Gabrielle Morgan said that she would balance her break with “college visits and haunted houses and enjoying my time away from here.”

Along with students, Bob Jones English teacher Nichole Murray shared her opinion from a teacher’s point of view. “Teachers need a chance to mentally and physically recharge, grade, catch up on sleep, and prepare for the upcoming eight weeks of school”.

To take a look at the new calendar for next year, visit this link:

Proposed school calendar 2019-2020