How Low Can Seasonal Jobs For Teens Go?


Malachi Battle , Writer

It is never too early to start making money. Many teens across America go out and get jobs during the holiday season; however, not everyone can keep a job year-round while in school. Whether you work in the holiday season or during the summer, seasonal jobs can help teens earn money while staying on top of their coursework. Unfortunately, there are only so many jobs and there are so many applicants.

For teens, this is especially hard. Out of a survey I did on the students here at Bob Jones, 43% of the teens surveyed have had a seasonal job, though 50% of the teens surveyed also found it troubling to find a seasonal job. You have to complete many applications and redo the interview process over and over with only a slim chance of getting a job.

Steven Lockwood said that “[he] [finds] it really hard to find a job, especially this time of the year.” He also stated that “[he] would not mind help finding a job.” So, I would like to attempt to provide a solution for Steven and all of the other teens who struggle to find a seasonal job.  

There are a lot of websites that can help out locally. A few are Snagajob, Indeed, and Monster. These are all great websites to find jobs. Look for signs in business windows or public bulletin boards. You can approach managers and talk to them in person or ask for referrals from friends, even if there aren’t any jobs posted. Another way to find a job is to advertise yourself locally. Do not limit yourself to only advertised jobs. Advertise to cut grass, rake leaves, and shovel–you will likely find a job.

The key to being successful with this is to keep looking, no matter how many rejections you may receive. Keep looking.