AP Classes? Don’t Be Afraid!


Amy Athing, Contriutor

In light of the recent distribution of registration forms on 2/24/20, It can be understandable that some students don’t know what to take. So, in order to make your class choices next year little bit easier, here is a guideline to what AP classes you should take and how to not overwhelm you next year’s schedule.

Looking at the course catalog so suddenly can be overwhelming; however, if you know your goals, picking classes can be a stress free experience. One thing to not be stressed about is how a B in an AP course will effect your GPA, and if you get into college, one thing to remember is that most colleges will want to have seen you go outside your comfort zone and maybe getting one or two Bs in AP courses as opposed to getting As in normal classes is more impressive.

With that being said, if you still have cold feet about taking AP classes, you should start yourself out with an elective AP class. This will give you a feel of the homework load involved in taking a core circular AP class. Many People have received letters with their registration forms encouraging them to take either AP Psychology or AP Computer Science Principles, which are two elective AP classes

If you have finished all the Pre-AP classes you can take in a subject, you are strongly encouraged to take that AP class. Many who have taken English through Pre-AP English 10 stop just because they don’t want to get a bad grade in the AP course or they don’t want to read that much. But you should take that next level class though! Colleges want to see you going above and beyond to excel in school. The BJHS AP literature teachers put together an excellent slideshow on the reasons why you should take it. The best bet is that you should take it and be exempt from taking it in college.

It is important to keep in mind taking AP courses, but make sure you do not overload your schedule. All that can be said now is to keep your mind open and maybe plan on taking an AP along the way.