Spring Time Activities: Picnics and Farmers’ Markets


Sarah Williams, Writer

It’s that time again! Spring is here and we are so excited to celebrate the season right here in Madison! But, how can you celebrate? It turns out there are lots of ways to enjoy your spring locally:

Many students have been happy to offer their fun traditions in the spring as a suggestion to anyone who loves the outdoors. Sophie Spitzmiller, a sophomore, described to me her past experiences of having picnics with her friends in Big Spring park, she loves the atmosphere in the park and thinks it’s the perfect outdoor spot. If you’re interested in a fun picnic in the sun, venture to downtown Huntsville for an afternoon and experience the blooming landscapes, the pond, and maybe even feed the koi fish!

Looking for something a little closer and quicker? Thanks to junior Anne Elise Cairns because she gave the perfect idea for something quick and easy to do during the spring: the farmers’ market! There are several different farmers’ market locations in Madison, one being in the parking lot of Trinity Baptist church, scheduled to reopen in April for the season. Another great farmers’ market, my personal favorite, is S&J run by a family on their farm located on Highway 72 in front of the Target. Unfortunately this produce store is temporarily closed and we were not able to find a scheduled reopening date. There are also farmers’ markets in Huntsville at Greene Street and at MidCity on Sundays.

Make sure to keep an eye out for those soon-opening farmers’ markets, and other fun things to do this spring! I certainly will be having both a picnic in Big Spring park and shopping for delicious fruits and vegetables and the farmers’ market this spring!