Skinny Minnie Causes Double Takes Everywhere

Skinny Minnie Causes Double Takes Everywhere

Kayla Wilson, Writer, Editor

Anybody can recognize a picture of Minnie Mouse, one of the most popular animated characters ever. And for eighty years, she has remained mostly unchanged; she’s still wearing her familiar polka-dot dress with the little bow in her ear.

But in her new store window commercial for Barney’s, she gets a brand new look, and it’s causing outrage for everyone who’s seen her in her new garb.

In the commercial, Minnie Mouse sees herself wearing a fancy dress, then pictures herself as a runway model. But the “runway look” for Minnie resembles a “well dressed stick,” according to

The truth is, in her new model look, Minnie seems to take anorexia to a whole new level, resembling a snake rather than a mouse. Unfortunately, it isn’t just Minnie who gets a new look.

Both Goofy and Daisy Duck get new model looks, with Daisy looking as scrawny as Minnie, and Goofy taking off his trademarked gloves in exchange for very humanlike hands.

“They look like models,” says Becca Paschall, a student at Heritage Elementary.  “I don’t like it. They’re too realistic. I mean they’re mice and ducks and dogs. Not people.”

“They look like models? How about anorexic models? Surely Disney isn’t endorsing this!” says Sue Paschall, parent.

“That’s not a true depiction of women today,” says Joy Wilson, another outraged Disney fan.

All in all, the runway should not be a place for Disney characters,and tried and true Disney fans prefer Minnie’s traditional appearance.