The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Going to See Hidden Figures


Savannah Plume, Writer

The Society of Women Engineers(SWE) are planning on taking a trip to see the new movie Hidden Figures, an empowering movie about three African-American women making a huge impact in American history.

In this movie, Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson contribute their extraordinary knowledge to one of the greatest feats accomplished in our history: launching a man into orbit. Not only does this movie go over one major event in American history, it also gives needed support to racial and gender equality.

SWE will be seeing this movie on January 20th during the 4:20pm showing at Monaco. Anyone who is interested in going will need to bring $10 to Mrs. Gaines in room N133, or to any SWE members at Bob Jones High School by Wednesday, January 18th. This will pay for the ticket, tax, and holding fee.

Some in SWE, like Jessica Sloan, have stated that they are interested in seeing this movie, “to understand the history of women in STEM fields.”

Others like Angela Kinsey are going because it seems interesting.

Either way, many women are interested in seeing this movie as well as being a part of the organization to see others like them in STEM careers. As Jessica Sloan has also said, “It is more of a way to connect with other women in the STEM field as they are more of a minority.”

Those in SWE are hoping to see a glimpse of what their future may hold, as well as making long term relationships along the way.