Pie In the Face: Autism Awareness Month!

This month, many people are commemorating Autism Awareness Month!  The Bob Jones faculty and student body participated in a fundraiser for Autism called “Pie In the Face” where students were able to pie teachers, coaches, and principals in the face for $1. The event was put together by the Bob Jones Special Education Department paraprofessional, Merinda Davis.

“This was my first time organizing a fundraiser for Autism Awareness,” said Davis. “I really want to do everything I possibly could to help and support our Autistic students here at Bob Jones, so they can be successful! The student I was assigned to the last few years is Autistic and is now finishing up her Freshman year at Alabama! She was my inspiration in submitting a request to hold two fundraisers during the month of April for Autism Awareness.”

Davis hopes that events like this will help educate people on the impact Autism has on many kids, including ones in the Madison City School District. Out of the 135 kids the SPED (Special Education) Department services, 19 of them have Autism.

Because of this event, students helped raise $332.10 for Autism research! To further help with raising money, there will be a dunking booth on April 19! You can also donate online to the Autism organization.