Bob Jones Spring Art Show 2018

Ella, Emma, and Megan hang art for the art show tonight.

Gracie Poehlman, Writer, Photographer

Doors open at 4:30 this evening for the Bob Jones Spring Art Show. Art from Madison City elementary schoolers to senior art portfolios will be displayed.

“It’s fun! Everybody comes. […] Y’all have to come and see; we have award-winning art. We have students who have won [state and national] awards that are going to be showing [that art] tonight.” said Robin Lasko,  Advanced Art and AP Art teacher, “Look for pen and ink drawings, look for anything on immigration, look for a variety of mediums: paint, pencil, charcoal, mixed media and design work.”

“There’s a lot of amazing artists, from what I’ve seen so far, and we’re only just starting to hang pieces up [for tonight],” said Ella Waddell, senior art student. “I mean, Emma over here is doing these […] dinosaurs that are amazing.”

Megan Lamps said, “I’m always impressed by what people, even in lower grades, can produce.”

In addition to the art displayed all evening, the Bob Jones Percussion ensemble will perform at 5:30, the Bob Jones and Discovery Choruses will perform at 6:30, and the Bob Jones Winter Guard will perform at 7:30.