Patriot Night: The Club Expo

Zachary Johnson, Editor

Maybe you missed Patriot Night, or you were too worried about finding your classes and didn’t make it down to the Club Expo. Many clubs, organizations, and even some sports teams set up tables in the Commons area to meet with potential recruits or to sell fundraising spirit merchandise.

As the school year begins, it’s great to find things that you like and get involved. The sooner, the better.  Bob Jones has something for everyone– academic clubs, creative clubs, service clubs, and special interest clubs. You can check out a list of current clubs and organizations HERE.

If you want to join something, find the adviser and talk to them about meeting dates/times and possible dues or t-shirt fees. You can also look for signs around the school. Some clubs have a cut-off date for joining while others just want you to show up whenever you can. Some of these clubs and organizations meeting during Patriot Path while others meet before or after school. A few activities have events on the weekends.

If you’re still looking for a sport, check out bowling, lacrosse, cross country, or the mountain biking team. There are also other sports try-outs in the upcoming weeks, like baseball and softball.

If you like being active but want to do something other than the usual sports, check out Taekwondo Club or Popular Dance Club.

“I believed [open house] helped the PD club in a positive way because we had a good amount of people joining and others who were either interested in joining or just helping us spread the word to their friends by taking the flyers that we handed out,” said Kayla Sawyer, an upcoming sophomore and a representative for Popular Dance Club at the Club Expo.

If you want to help others, there are so many service clubs– Patriot Paws, United Way Youth Council, Key Club, and Red Cross Club, just to name a few.

Creative minds might want to gravitate to Art Club, Film and Animation Club, or Writing Club. You don’t have to choose– you can do them all!

If you don’t see a club for your special interest, you can start your own club with the help of a teacher to serve as your adviser and permission from the office.

“I knew most of the clubs because I’ve been at Bob Jones for three years, but the most enlightening thing I saw was seeing my friends run the club tables. We all started off as freshmen, unsure of ourselves, trying to find a club, a niche, a hobby. Over time, we’ve found ourselves behind those tables, leading and representing the organization that we ended up loving because of Bob Jones. That’s something I got out of open house, from an upperclassman’s perspective: seeing how we all started as unsure and lost freshmen and worked our way up to representing things we believe in and love,” said Elizabeth Kasprzak, a senior and an ambassador for Bob Jones.

Whether you’re looking for a place to make friends, better the world, or just wanting a lot of honor cords around your neck at graduation, you can find what you’re looking for HERE.