Homecoming Week: Door Contest

The door contest… If you’re lucky enough to be in a class that participates in the Homecoming Door Decorating Contest, you help bring the spirit of Homecoming into the hallways of Bob Jones. This year the theme was “Patriots are the Golden Ticket,” so each classroom found unique ways to bring the Willy Wonka theme to life.

Mrs. Tartar and Mr. Johnston kept up their traditional feud. The entire upstairs S hallway turned into Wonka’s Factory. The art department showed off their skills with a 3D design. No matter what wing of the building you were in, you could see evidence of school spirit.

Classrooms could compete in Door or Door Plus. Mrs. Van Dam described Door Plus as follows: “Door Plus is for those that like to use the door, floors, hallways, ceiling, restrooms, copy rooms, restrooms, etc.”

Some classes choose to use a little class time to decorate their doors because it allows them to connect with their students on a different level. Others see that other life skills come into play. Mrs. Faris said, “They struggle with delegating jobs and tasks to other classes… You can’t be in charge of major project in the real world and try to do it all or micromanage everything… you have to be able to delegate and provide instructions and be open to others’ interpretations.”

The winning classes will have parties after fall break.