Rock the Bob Spirit Week

Allie Brown and Grace Jae

It’s that time of the year again! Saturday night, students will arrive at the 2019 Homecoming Dance in their finest attire, but this past week was not one for fine clothing. Every student was invited to dress up in their goofiest outfits for our theme of “Rock The Bob.”

When asked their opinion on “Rock the Bob” and their grade level themes, students had a lot to say. Jace Scott, a sophomore, commented, “I don’t think the tweens was a good idea for sophomores because it’s not distinct enough.” Some students felt the spirit days were hard to dress up for or didn’t really match the “Rock” theme. Xander Hill, a senior, asked, “Why aliens instead of something like ’80’s day where it matches the theme?” On the other hand, there was still plenty of positive feedback on this week’s theme. Senior Desmond Guinn shared, “It was fun and everyone looked good participating on theme week.”

When asked how she thought Homecoming week was going, senior class president Sarah Arafat said, “Awesome! Except not really a lot of compromises [as far as changing the themes] were made because they had to be administration approved.” While some students felt the dress-up days were repetitive, Kaitlyn Hutson, a senior, felt the opposite. She said, “The homecoming themes this year are the same as every year because it’s tradition. It’s always been this way.”

Overall, more students said that they dressed up for the “Rock the Meme” day. “R.O.C.K the USA” came in second, followed by “Rock the World, “Rock the Galaxy,” and finally “Rock the Ages.”

Of the freshmen interviewed, 85% dressed up at least one day. On average, they dressed up 2 days, spending between $5.41 and $10.83, and took 18 minutes to get ready. There is no denying the effort put into one freshman costume. Ella Reid spent $40 on a single costume. We asked her if it was worth it and she said, “Well, in my opinion, I think it was so worth it! Showing school spirit makes the day more fun and hypes people up for the game!”

As for sophomores, 83% of the students interviewed dressed up at least one day. Many of them dressed up 3 days, spending, on average, between $3.40 and $10.00, and took 22 minutes to get ready.

The junior class walked in Monday sporting their biggest smiles and their mid-life crisis. Of those interviewed, 67% sported their spirit at least one day. They dressed up, on average, 3 days, spent between $2.17 and $8.33, and took 18 minutes to get ready.

The senior class brought spirit and nothing but spirit to school this past week. Of those interviewed, 88% dressed up at least one day. On average, they dressed up 3 days, spent $5.36 and $10.71, and spent a whopping 37 minutes getting ready. Isaac Porter, senior, spent four hours getting ready for “Rock the Meme” day. We asked him if the time and money spent were worth it. He said, “Putting the time and effort into outfits is worth it because the longer you spend on it the more unique it is and the more like you it is. Made a lot of people laugh… at the end of the day that’s what is important.”