Homecoming Court 2019!

Isabella Yarbrough, Photographer

Congratulations to our 2019 Homecoming Queen Juanita Montiero-Pai and our King Rishish Narahari!

These students represented their class on the field during half-time:

Freshman Maids- Madison Autry and Staci Smith.

Sophomore Maids- Abbi Dempsey, Aaliyah Washington, Alia McGee, and Shirley Yeeda.

Junior Maids- Olivia Steele, Hannah Thuss, Sara Fewell, Eva Ingram, Jenna Hwang, and Alivia Nguyen.

Senior Maids- Sarah Arafat, Juanita Montiero-Pai, Anna Crouse, Lija Abele, Mollie Isbell, Qucilla Rashida, Cassi Fabby, and Kyla Diei.

Senior King Candidates- Stuart Edge, Ryan Crawford, Cam Hill, Mitchell Daly, Xavier Wright, Baylor Paschal, Ian Barrier, and Rishish Narahari.