First at beEntrepreneurial 


Yunona Shkolnikov, Writer

Congrats to Amani Hendricks, Sija Headrick, Kyla Diei, Clayton Sanders for placing 1st at the beEntrepreneurial Contest!
This is the second year in a row, a BJHS team has taken first place honors – and $1500!! – in the beEntrepreneurial competition sponsored by the UAH school of business and the new Invention to Innovation Center!
This year’s field of twenty competing teams from around the Huntsville area, plus a team from the Jefferson County IB school, was impressive and the competition was very tough. However, our winning team, called “COR,” nailed its presentation in both the semifinal and finals rounds, handling some very tough questions from the judges in front of the entire crowd during finals. Their invention is a “smart” headband and accompanying app that monitors health stats and force of blows, which aiding in concussion prevention and treatment.
If you know or teach these students, please offer them a well-deserved congratulations!