Patriot Racing Underway


Photo courtesy of Patriot Racing Twitter

Isabella Yarbrough, Writer

The Bob Jones Patriot Racing Greenpower team is always working on their cars and prepping for the next race! Their first race took place on October 4-5th in Chambers County. Our Red Team placed first in presentation and first place overall for the F24 Custom division with our Blue Team finishing first in presentation and first place overall for the F24 Kit Modified division. Their next race is November 9th at Grissom High School.

Katie Tanner shared an aspect of Patriot Racing that one might not expect of their competitions. “One aspect of racing that is usually overlooked is the presentation aspect, which is actually what I specialize in on Patriot Racing, specifically for the red team. Yes, the “race” is the 90-minute heat where our car and drivers are tested, but that’s only half of our event score. The other half comes from our presentation aspect. This is either a live, powerpoint-style presentation that we give to a panel of judges on race day or an edited video sent to the race director to be graded against the event-specific rubric. With so many teams this season, most of the presentations are now videos (as with the upcoming Grissom race), but some are still live (like at our most recent race, at Chambers County). The presentations usually address technical aspects you don’t notice on the track or our marketing and business plans. However, in order to get first place in an event, you must excel both on the track and in your presentation. You can get all the points for a first place race win, but bomb your presentation score, and only get a mediocre score. You can watch our video presentations on our youtube channel!”

The Bob Jones Patriot Racing Greenpower Team is great for bonding, team experience, engineering experience, and public speaking. Bob Jones junior Rachael Young, a member of the Blue team, shared her experience. “I enjoy being on the team because it’s a family and we enjoy working together and building relationships with each other. Being on the team also gave me learning experience that I didn’t think I would use or ever learn but just from being on the team for 3 years, my knowledge of the material and activities has grown.”

To learn more information about the Bob Jones Patriot Racing Greenpower team, follow @Patriot_Racing on Twitter!