Ms. Worley’s Party is the Bees’ Knees!

Hadley Rosengrant and Yunona Shkolnikov

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Ms. Worley’s AP Lang class celebrated the end of the semester today by throwing a 1920s-themed party complete with a live jazz band comprised of former Bob Jones students. Students brought in 1920s-themed food, wore costumes authentic to the time period, and learned how to do the Charleston.

Skylar Kline, a junior, explained, “I think my favorite part of today was learning how to do the Charleston.”

Ms. Worley joked, “I have a love-hate relationship with planning this party every year. On one hand, it’s a really stressful time because I love to plan everything to the last detail, but on the other hand, I love doing that kind of thing. It’s also really fun to plan out my costume, and it’s really wonderful to get to give my students a break after working so hard all semester and give them a really fun and relaxed day.”