Latin Convention Wins Big

Congrats to the following students on their wins from this weekend at the State Latin Convention!

Grammar = 3rd place, Jocelyn Dieselberg

Mythology = 3rd place, Joe Williams

Geography = 3rd place, Margaret Jenkins

Geography = 2nd place, Jocelyn Dieselberg

T-shirt design = 2nd place, Jocelyn Dieselberg

3-D models = 2nd place, Brenna Powell

Tug-o-war = 1st place, Team Event

Hula-hoop pass = 2nd place, Team Event

Three-legged race = 1st place, Holly & Brenna Powell

Wheelbarrow race = 2nd place, Hunter Kay & Adam Mercier

Foot race = 3rd place, Brenna Powell

Jug hold = 2nd place, Adam Mercier