Opening Positions for Mazda-Toyota Manufacturing USA Inc.

Opening Positions for Mazda-Toyota Manufacturing USA Inc.

Jillian Nance, Writer

The Mazda-Toyota Manufacturing USA Inc. (MTMUS) is an automotive manufacturing plant located in Huntsville, AL. 

They are looking for student graduates to hire for their many open positions. They offer four different types of positions: production, maintenance/facilities/tools, engineering/quality/administration, and supervisor/management roles. Their starting pay varies from role to role, with it fluctuating depending on experience and skills. Each position is open to a select type of person, and the plant is currently looking specifically for production workers. 

To apply, one must be 18 years or older, with a high school diploma or GED. Applicants are also subject to drug testing before being hired due to the high number of people who get turned down every year due to failing these tests. According to they are “expect[ing] to create up to 4,000 jobs.” This will benefit Huntsville and the surrounding areas greatly.

Kaleb Owens, the career coach of Madison City Schools, says that “Mazda Toyota could also be a great chance for someone who doesn’t want to get a four-year degree but wants to have a productive career.” He says that students with a career interest in “mechatronics and robotics” could use this job as an experience-gaining opportunity. 

Dr. Stephanie Bostick said that MTMUS is a possible new partnership with Bob Jones High School. The school met with some management from the plant, and they want to hire Bob Jones graduates. They believe that here at Bob Jones, we have students who may be interested in this field of work. 

Some Bob Jones students agree: Zachary Yarbrough, a junior, says that “it is good money.” He is not currently employed, but he says that he would be interested in any of the open positions. Other Bob Jones students disagree. Amy Athing, a sophomore, says that she “[doesn’t] want to work in manufacturing.” Other students pointed out that they wanted to go straight to college after high school, or that it wouldn’t work with their intended career field. 

MTMUS is also planning on partnering with the F.A.M.E. co-op program with Calhoun Community College. Being able to be in a starting position for a career a person wants to pursue can help them greatly because they will gain experience and knowledge in that job. By partnering with them, this will give these students this exact opportunity. 

If interested, there is a meeting on April 8th to learn more information. Feel free to apply for production positions at If you have any questions please email Dr. Stephanie Bostick at [email protected] or email Kaleb Owens at [email protected].