BJHS Winter Art Show

Zachary Glossup and Jordan McGowen

The Winter Art Show is on display in the hallways around the auditorium.

Mrs. Norton described what you can expect from her classes. “For Visual Arts 2 the projects that are in the Art Show comprise of acrylic landscape and still life paintings. They also did a self-portrait with items that are about them in colored pencil. Another project that is displayed is Character from Literature-they chose any character to create a visual representation of them. The character could be included or the image could be things about the character or even a scene from the book-these were done in either colored pencil or acrylic paint. In the display cases by the art rooms are place settings the students created based on a person they would want to have dinner with. They could pick a living or dead/real or fictional person. They were inspired by the feminist/contemporary artist Judy Chicago and her installation piece “The Dinner Party.” The students also painted a “mini” copy of a famous artwork. They chose the artist and the painting to recreate!”

Artwork from each level of art is on display. Mrs. Lakso shared, “The Advanced/AP students are creating 12 pieces in a sustained investigation where they begin with a topic they feel is important enough to make a statement about through their art then as they research and move along into the investigation their thoughts may change and evolve with their artwork. Art I students have displayed still life and portrait charcoal drawings they have learned to create during the semester. Art III students have an array of work from traditional drawing and painting to mixed media, to encaustic and digital media.”

Students experimented with ideas and mediums. Mrs. Lakso described the work of two of her students. “Avery Adams is working in digital media and is creating tarot cards where she used her mom as a model for one of her cards. She uses vibrant colors and numbers that go along with the tarot meaning. Aidan Franks began with the idea of what hell might be like and has moved into creating creatures you might encounter in hell. He is mixing photographs with actual drawings and paintings, too.”

Be sure to check it out!