An Article About Science Bowl, Do You Have Time to Spare?

An Article About Science Bowl, Do You Have Time to Spare?

Baraka Busambwa, Contributor

Science Bowl, the ultimate test of knowledge. Schools from all over the country assemble teams of students and a teacher to answer science and mathematics questions in a high-paced trivia-style format. This competition was set up by the U.S. Department of Energy. Teams start at regionals, and those who win there advance onto the nationals. Middle and High schools have been competing against each other since 1991, schools including yours truly: Bob Jones.

Our school faced schools like James Clemens and Sparkman in the regional competitions and came out on top. Now, once again in the 2021-2022 school year, they have repeated as regional champions. Led by Neha Chopade, the team consists of the following students: Thomas Nguyen, Puja Chopade, Justin Pan, and Aubteen Pour Biazar. The coaches are Mrs. Maguire, Dr. Shubham, and Beena Chopade.

Puja Chopade described her experience. “I’ve been doing science bowl since middle school since both of my parents are coaches, our family is interested in science, in particular in biology. It allows me to explore more topics in science.” She also added her thoughts on the coaches. “They’ve all put in a lot of work, and they be been very enthusiastic about the proceedings since last semester. They’ve encouraged us and motivated us through it.”

Bob Jones is proud to have these five students and three coaches represent us in the national competition for the Science Bowl. Whether this national competition is in person or virtual, it will occur in late April to early May.

In addition to their other conquests, the Science Bowl also placed third at the regional National Oceanic Science Bowl.