Mamma Mia: Last Chance This Week

Cas Congdon, Contributor

Our school’s theater department is putting on multiple showings of their production of Mamma Mia. Opening night crept up on us fast, taking place Thursday, April 14th. Showtime started at 7:00 p.m. and took place in the Bob Jones auditorium. Other showings include the 15th, 16th, 21st, 22nd, and the 23rd. Ticket prices are as follows: Adults are $18, Seniors/Military are $15, and student tickets are $10. Tickets will be sold at the door and online (Online purchasing). Showtimes will vary depending on the day, so be sure to check the official Instagram page (@bobjonesmusical2022) for more information!

The actresses for two of our main characters had the chance to be interviewed by WHNT News 19’s Kelley Smith. Senior Alia McGee, who plays Sophie, and senior Eleanor Matheney, who plays Sophie’s mom Donna, went on to give an overview of what the show is about and included some fun facts about the difference between the musical and the movie adaptations.

For some insight so you all don’t go watch the show completely clueless, here are some of the notable fun facts that you might not have known before. Most of the songs throughout the production are written by popular 70’s group ABBA and performed by the cast of the movie and musical. One of the songs that will be performed in the school rendition of the show is Take A Chance On Me, which isn’t featured in the movie. While there is choreography to each of the songs in the movie, not all of them will be carbon copy identical in the play.

Matheney gave us a lot of insight into how she felt about being in this production. She was very excited about opening night, saying, “Everyone in the cast has been working endlessly to make this show amazing! Opening night is going to be an unforgettable night full of fun dancing and singing!”

Along with being excited for opening night, she wanted to show her gratitude for everyone who worked on this show. “I guess a feeling I’d like to share is my gratitude to everyone who was a part of the show. The tech crew has been working endlessly to build our set and help with every little thing to produce our show. The light and sound crew have made the scenes look spectacular and allowed our voices to shine.

I also wanted to thank the directors and producers that have allowed us to make this show happen. The amazing costumers who have put in hours to give everyone beautiful outfits that bring the scenes together. The wonderful volunteers and parents who have served in allowing us to be in the show. And to the amazing cast who without, there wouldn’t be a show to begin with. So I would like to thank everyone who has made this show possible.”

If you haven’t had a chance to see the musical, you need to catch it during its final showtimes this weekend!