Biomedical Innovations Present ER Designs


Venkata Koduru, Writer

On Tuesday, August 24, the Bob Jones High School Biomedical Innovations Interns presented their Emergency Room designs at Patriot Hall in front of the Health Science Interns, Mrs. Koler, Mrs. Dennis, and Dr. Ric Koler from Crestwood Medical Center. 

Biomedical Innovations is the 4 level of the Biomedical academy and is the internship for seniors and is taught by Mrs. Koler, the previous 3 levels are Principles of Biomedical Sciences (PBS), Human Body systems (HBS), and Medical Interventions (MI), which are taught by Mrs. Teare, the class is open for anyone that is a senior, have taken the previous 3 courses, and have no high school history of misconduct.

This was the project to wrap up the student’s lesson on Triages, Emergency room components and jobs, and the general ER environment. The Project is supposed to be a custom emergency room design made by the students, which includes components that make it more reliable, streamlined, and efficient than regular ERs. They also present the staff, staff schedules, and example patients to explain how their ER functions.

The BI interns were divided into 4 groups: group 1’s ER name was Elkwood hospital, group 2: Jan hospital, group 3: Olympus ER, and group 4: Hive ER. All the students wore formal clothing for the event and special guests were invited, including The Health science Interns, Mrs. Dennis (who teaches the Health Science Interns), Mrs. Koler, and Dr. Ric Koler (who arrived from Crestwood to provide feedback).

Many creative innovations were made, such as smart watches, smart fridges and cabinets, star-shaped buildings, and more.

Anyone interested in medicine or health-related life, you are strongly recommended to join this academy. It provides a lot of experience and has many fun activities and opportunities for students!