Madison CEO: Students of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow

Madison CEO: Students of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow

Knowledge in business, leadership, and marketing are highly sought-after traits in today’s workforce. The Madison CEO Program helps prepare high school students to learn and apply these skills to their post-secondary life. Students from Bob Jones, James Clemens, and St. John Paul II are welcome to join the program. This year-long, two-credit course is open to anyone who signs up. However, students must provide a written request form, letters of recommendation, and an entrepreneurial profile. Admission is not dependent on GPA or any standardized test scores. Students meet at Hexagon from 7-8 before school, learning in a non-traditional environment. The students learn from CEOs and visit local businesses instead of learning from a textbook. Any student looking for a unique educational experience that prepares for the world of business will significantly benefit from the Madison CEO Program. Even those who aren’t sure about business ownership and entrepreneurship can learn valuable life skills from this class.

Many students who have taken part in the Madison CEO Program highly recommend others taking this course. Senior Dylan Atakoussok said, “Everybody should try it. It’s a really great experience that puts you outside of your comfort zone and makes you explore new things.” Because of the work performed in this class, students work with many different people and find ways to work with different temperaments. Senior Mikala Calhoun said, “I’ve found it to be a very interesting experience. I’ve gotten to meet many different personalities, and I’ve learned some real world experience in working with these personalities.” Senior Phoenix Keck explained the perks of this program, saying, “Overall it is a great learning experience and there are so many opportunities to what you can learn, create, and explore in the world of entrepreneurship.”

Although this program is well run by students, they can’t do it all by themselves. Students from the Madison CEO Program need your help. They are selling Yellowhammer t-shirts for $25 each until January 27. Money raised from this fundraiser helps all 14 of the students enrolled start up their own businesses. 

For more information on Madison CEO, visit the website here.

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