Run in the Sun: Summer Running Camp


Paul Kirstein, Writer

This year runners are getting a head start and getting in shape at 2015 Run in the Sun Cross Country Camp.

This running camp offers an organized training program for all young runners. The Run in the Sun Cross Country camp is a great opportunity for any young athlete with a desire to improve on their running skills in an inviting and friendly environment this summer. Whether they want to run for fun or to prepare for the upcoming Cross Country season, all runners can benefit from the personalized running schedule. It is also a great chance to run with other local runners.

Starting June 1st, participants will hit the field and begin their individualized running plans at John Hunt Park. The camp will go on throughout the summer until school begins and with it the next Cross Country season. The friendly coaches with over a decade of experience help to develop each runners running ability. Even runners who might be busy over the summer are covered, as the camp offers a flexible schedule so runners can choose the dates they would like to attend.

Many Bob Jones students are already participating in the running camp and plan to attend throughout their high school careers. Nate Hiams, a member of the Bob Jones Cross Country team and participant at Run in the Sun Cross Country Camp said, “It really helps me to stay in shape over the summer to get ready for Cross Country.” Robbie Fisher, another participant, said “It’s great because now I don’t have to worry about staying fit until the next Cross Country season.”

It is an entertaining, safe way for anyone interested in running to get active during the summer and for athletes to reach the next level of competitive running.