Boys Soccer: An Overview

Boys Soccer: An Overview

Sean Brunner, Writer

For the Bob Jones Boys soccer team, the season is fast approaching with the first game starting in mid-February. The team lost over 10 seniors last year; most were consistent starters for years. The most notable loss includes current Dartmouth soccer player and Alabama state Gatorade Player of the Year, Eduvie Ikoba.  Also, one of Bob Jones most promising players, Wess Toutanji, recently moved to Michigan. These are huge players, and it will take all the team’s efforts to compensate for these losses.

So what does that leave for Bob Jones? With key players like RJ Seija, Deivi Buccio, and Akash Patel (a three-year starter), the Bob Jones soccer team could shock some people. Coach Spiller credits Deivi Bucio as the best player on the team and even said to to the team: “He’s the best player on the team; do not injure him.”  With a player like Deivi Bucio, they can get to the playoffs.  “He can play any position the field,” added Coach Spiller.

Under Coach Uwe Spiller, the team has never failed to qualify for the Playoffs.

The Bob Jones soccer team has a stout defense, built with years of experience, and probably one of the best the program has seen in awhile.

The emergence of freshmen trying out for the team brings promise for a better future for the program. Some freshmen have found themselves on the Varsity soccer team or competing for a spot. In order for the Bob Jones soccer team to be competitive for the playoffs, these freshman and more underclassmen must step up. This year will be the most challenging for the team to make the playoff. The two rivals in the region, Sparkman and James Clemens, have over 15 seniors on the team with years of experience.

The 19 seniors for James Clemens is tough, but I think many are forgetful of BJ’s talent and the resurgence of freshman soccer players is huge. The competition is hard, but that has never knocked down the team’s “patriot pride” and effort to be the best they can be.