Bob Jones Swim Team Ring Ceremony


Photo taken from the BJHS Facebook Page

Megan Sheehan and Rachel Baker

Our school held a ring ceremony in honor of the Bob Jones students 7A swim team. According to the Madison Record, the swim team won the state championship for the second year in a row.

The swimmers on the team are Mark Johnson, Andrew Stern, Derek Sander, John Kinsley, Byron He, Warren He, Andrew Tretyakov, Devin Kreitz, Cary Clark, Marshall Wu, and Logan Black. The divers include Joseph Klusesner, Eric Black, Vaughn Barnhart, and Max Stevens.

The swimmers were honored for their hard work this season. The swim team has won championships nine times in the last 15 years.  The swimmers this year had also set several records for the state.

The coaches of the 7a swim team, Coach Gunner and Coach Thaxton, educate the swimmers and allow them the  pleasure of spending time doing what they enjoy and getting them ready for competitions. They train in their free time for many hours, and it has definitely paid off.

Coach Thaxton posted on Twitter, “The hard work pays off for BJHS swim and dive team! It takes a total team to be successful. The proof is at sectionals when every Patriot, top to bottom, did their part or more.”

Swimming is an activity that a number of students enjoy. The swim team is not a required class, but dedicated students participate in the team because it allows time for them to do what they enjoy while interacting with others that have the same passion and drive.

“Count your sets, count your reps, count your strokes, count your breaths, your total sit-ups and push-ups. Count the minutes and seconds; your amount of rest, the workouts you attended this month,” said Coach Gunner on Twitter. “Then at the end of the season, count your rewards and blessings. Stated year after year- count everything because everything counts!”