What Makes Nate Great?

Nicholas Samaras, Writer

Nate Santiago is a good cross country runner. According to Mile Split and bobjonesathletics.com, he runs 4-minute miles and 16-minute five kilometers. He also runs 2-minute eight hundreds.  What makes him so good?

Nate said, “Well, it is 75% hard work and 25% luck.”

Nate has been on the cross country team since he was in eighth grade. Now a junior, Nate has won many medals in his career in cross country and track.

David Zoe said, “Nate has always been good. I have not known him very long, but he is good.” 

Nate will probably go to state for cross country. He might run a 15:52 five kilometer time. 

Coach Baker said, “Based off the top high school male distance runners across the nation, Nate’s performances are not necessarily special. I believe, however, Nate is in the top five in Alabama. As an student athlete and as a human being… Nate is very special. Nate has a lot natural talent. If Nate chooses to keep training at the level he does right now, he will continue to improve. I have no doubt in my mind that he will run in college. I don’t think he has come close to his potential. He will continue to improve with the right training.”

The state cross country meet is mid-November.