Merchandise Madness: Rocket City Trash Pandas

Erin McNamara, Writer

The new Rocket City baseball stadium is still under construction, and the team won’t even play their first game until April 2020. That hasn’t stopped a physical store for team merchandise from opening at BridgeStreet next to the Apple Store. This is only a temporary location, and it will close on December 30… just in time for everyone to get all their Christmas shopping in.

In addition to the long lines at the new merchandise store, people from over 30 countries as far as Ireland, England, and Japan have purchased merchandise online. Bob Jones teacher Mrs. Panagos said, “I think any prior controversies over the team’s name and the logo have only helped to generate hype for the team’s arrival. If they had gone with something traditional, not as many people would be talking about it. My family and I bought t-shirts and hoodies this weekend, and the store was pretty crowded.”

Not everyone cares so much about the name, the logo, or the merchandise. The Bob Jones head baseball coach Jared Smith said he is only excited for the new baseball team. “I definitely plan on attending games as I love baseball, and minor league baseball games are really fun.”

With baseball returning to the city, many people can’t wait for the fun it will bring to the Huntsville and Madison area. Season tickets will be on sale starting November 17th, but you will also be able to buy individual tickets at the games per usual.

If you can’t make it to the store at BridgeStreet, you can check out the online merchandise store here: