Bob Jones Bowling


Garet Wilson and William Graves

Have you been to any of the Bob Jones Bowling matches? With their season starting in October, they have already been pretty successful this year. The bowling team went up against schools like Sparkman, Lee, James Clemens, Grissom, Randolph, and Westminster and fared well– winning some matches and losing a few close calls.

Chemistry teacher Danny Elegante shared his experience with the bowling team. “I was asked to be the faculty representative, and it sounded like fun… hopes that the kids have a good season and have a good time.” He doesn’t know how much longer he’ll be the faculty representative, but he did say he had a “strong passion” for bowling.

Brandon Crews, a member on the bowling team, said that Elegante “brought a lot of energy to the team when he joined.”

Last year’s team performed very well, gaining momentum at the beginning of the season with an eight-game win streak. Elegante said that he “hopes this year’s team can perform as good if not better than last year’s team.”

Several kids have joined just for the PE credit but ended up falling in love with the sport. “This year’s team is looking strong, and I’m pretty excited for this season and what it has to bring,” said Larry Adams, a freshman at Bob Jones.

Spectators are welcome at bowling matches and tournaments, so come check out a few matches and you just might find a new hobby. The next match is this Thursday against Columbia at the Madison Bowling Center.