Classic Havoc: Hockey in the South


Cooper Skelley and Joshua Hardman

Need something to do? Attend a Huntsville Havoc hockey game! The South might not be known for its hockey, but Huntsville has its fair share of hockey with both the Huntsville Havoc and the UAH Chargers hockey teams. The Havoc hockey games are affordable events ($9 admission), and they’re fun for the whole family. You don’t even have to like (or understand) hockey to have a good time.

The Huntsville Havoc first arrived in 2004 following the defunct Huntsville Channel Cats of the South East Hockey League. The teams plays at the Von Braun Center on the Pharmacy First Ice. The team is coached by Glenn Detulleo, and hockey players from around the world make up the team.

 “It’s unlike any other stadium in the SPHL,” said Troy Mcfarlane who has been going to almost every game since age 6. “The energy of the crowd in the Von Braun center is unrivaled, and the support of the crowd is amazing.”

There are also many things to do at the hockey games besides watching the games. They have food courts all around the arena. There are also several interactive crowd experiences that fans watch or play in between the three periods. One of the crowd favorites involves fans throwing squishy hockey pucks on the ice to earn prizes. Gavin Moran stated, “The activities during the intermissions are great. You don’t even need to like hockey to enjoy them.”

The next home game is Friday, January 11 at 7:00 PM. The Havoc will take on the Pensacola Ice Flyers.