Off the Field Scholar, On the Field Baller


Andrew Luck describes his games as “battles” when writing his “letters” on Twitter.

Kafui Sakyi-Addo, Writer

Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck is not only a phenomenal football player, but also an incredible scholar and lover of books. Valedictorian of his high school while also being considered by scouts as the “fifth best prospect in Texas,” Luck drew national attention while maintaining his love of knowledge. Declining scholarship offers for other schools with higher ranked football teams, Luck chose to attend Stanford for its academics and majored in architecture, while helping Stanford’s football team to gain popularity and an array of recognitions and awards.

What some people don’t realize is that Andrew Luck’s social media presence is, frankly, otherworldly. He tweets as “Capt. Andrew Luck […] Soldier, Colt. Simple man”, an alternate persona that tweets in missives – letters – to his “dearest mother”, and describes the difficult journey on foot to distant lands to battle with men, winning some battles and losing others.

He often thanks his mother for the things that she sends him, like:

He writes about his upcoming games, or battles, tweeting before the Indianapolis Colts vs. New York Giants game:

After their loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday, ‘Captain’ Luck tweeted:

Along with his amazing Twitter page, Luck has his own book club. He said that it came about through an interview with “Men With Blazers”, in which they joked about the possibility of him having a book club. Then, Kevin Clark, a writer for the Wall Street Journal, referred to him as “NFL’s unofficial librarian”, not to mention the numerous tweets referring to #ALBookClub. With that, Andrew Luck’s Book Club was born. He posts two book recommendations a month, one for younger readers and one for readers who are a bit more experienced. Along with this, Luck interviews an author every month and posts the podcast on the website.

Mackenzie Kilpatrick, a senior at Bob Jones and an avid reader, looked through Luck’s book club and commented that she has read some of the books that he has chosen to be showcased, and that there were many more that she’s been planning to read. 

The books for this month are, for rookies, “The Jungle Book” by Rudyard Kipling, and for veterans, “The One-in-a-Million Boy” by Monica Wood. There are no requirements for joining; just find a copy of one of the books of the month and then check either the website or the hashtag #ALBookClub on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and join the discussion. Andrew Luck just wants to spread his love of academics, football, and books, and has created many wonderful platforms for doing so.