Phaze 3 Fitness Is Now Open


Phaze3 website

Brooke Heath, Writer

Whether you are active or not, a new gym recently opened on Hughes Road. Phaze 3 Fitness has state-of-the-art equipment and offers classes ranging from hot yoga to spin classes. 

Out of a class survey of about 60 students at Bob Jones, only 12 people said they exercise daily, but many more said they were interested in going to Phaze 3 Fitness. When asked their thoughts on the gym, one student said, “Phaze 3 is a nice gym. There are lots of amenities such as the sauna, pool, and circuit training. My favorite thing was the movie theatre cardio room.” 

In an interview with Tanjeed Hasaan, a sophomore whose primary gym is Phaze 3 Fitness, he commented that “the staff is very friendly” and “there are no hidden fees.” At Phaze 3 Fitness, you will encounter the promotional enrollment fee of $29 and a monthly fee of $24.99.

In an interview with Corey, the general manager of the facility, he stated that “a unique feature is our outdoor deck, which the member can workout outside with cardio equipment, dumbbells, and functional training equipment.” 

Mrs. Scott, a teacher at Bob Jones, also happens to be a group fitness teacher at Phaze 3 Fitness. When asked what appeal there would be to students, she stated, “Phaze 3 would offer students the opportunity to find a fitness activity that they enjoy to stay active and healthy. Working out can be a great stress reliever.”

If you do not have a gym or you are looking for something new, Phaze 3 Fitness has many unique amenities. Phaze 3 Fitness does offer tours of the facility, so if you’re looking for a new place to work out, check it out.