Outdoor Track Season Opener

Mateo Santiago, Writer

Official Results


The Outdoor Track & Field Season is here. On Saturday our Bob Jones Track Team competed in the James Clemens Early Bird Battle Royal.  There were 14 schools competing and our Boys finished 3rd and the Girls were 4th.  We had several Top 8 finishes which included some of our young 7th and 8th Patriots.  Below is a breakdown of our Top 3 Performers and their events:
John Murray: Shot Put; 1st – 300 Meter Dash (School Record); 1st – Discuss; 2nd – 1000 Meter Run
Tyler Pitts: 200 Meter Hurdles (School Record); 1st – 80 Meter Hurdles (School Record); 2nd
Demarrius Mason; Je’Han King; DeAndre Smith; Jackson Burruss:  Mens 4×100 Clydesdale Relay; 2nd
Je’Han King:  Discuss; 3rd
Donovan Brown:  Long Jump; 3rd
Mateo Santiago: 1000 Meter Run; 5th – 2000 Meter Run (School Record); 6th
Nathan Stewart: 500 Meter Dash; 7th
Isaac Allen: 2000 Meter Run; 8th
Jayden Gilbert:  High Jump; 1st
Deseree Marrow; Kennedy Williams (8th Grade); Kayla Diei; Kristina Meade:  4×100 Meter Athena Relay; 1st
Kirsten Tigner:  Discuss; 2nd
Mercedes Zich:  High Jump; 3rd
Ebba Detulleo:  1000 Meter Run; 3rd (8th Grade)
Kayla Diei:   3rd Discuss – 3rd Shot
Faith Mason: 150 Meter Dash; 7th
Arienna Coe: 300 Meter Dash; 5th – 500 Meter Dash; 6th
Julia Grundevik: 500 Meter Dash; 5th
Alexis Willard: 80 Meter Hurdles; 6th
Frances Knight: 200 Meter Hurdles; 4th
Olivia Allen: 200 Meter Hurdles; 8th
This was a great meet for our young Patriots to get some experience as they prepare for their first Jr High Meet on Thursday at Sparkman High School; the varsity will be in action on Saturday when we host our Bob Jones Redcoat Invitational.