Sporting Events: Fun vs. Safety


Alexander Herrin, Writer

n the 2020 school year, many things have changed. But one of the most prominent aspects of student life, attending football games, has been a focal point for the Madison community. Just how much have students been affected?

In parallel with the SEC football rules, Bob Jones reduced attendance to 20% this season and required masks. This seemed to help assure those who did attend, as over 60% of students surveyed said they felt these changes kept them protected in relation to COVID. These students also said they felt the limited attendance didn’t change their experience at the game. 

Despite the attendees saying this, some surveyed students were avidly against going to the school sporting events. “I actually had a ticket to go to the football game that was recently canceled. Now that I think about it, I’m glad that the game did not happen. Knowing that people from the football team tested positive is scary. We shouldn’t even have sporting events while we’re dealing with things of this nature. It is irresponsible.” 

Luckily for the team, more than half of the students said that they wanted to go to more games once it was safer, and that is going to be something to look forward to for the 2021 season.