eSports Athletes Are Champs! What’s Next?


Matthew Pimmel, Writer

Another eSports season has come and gone, and what a season it has been. After just two years since its creation, the team has won its second championship. And out of the three games played by the team, it was the Rocket League and the League of Legends team to take home the gold.

“Coaching esports is super rewarding,” said Mrs. White, Coach of the team. “Our Fall lineup was super strong, and we have most of the players returning for the spring season as well.” The final Rocket League matches were long and hard-fought, but the team managed to walk out victorious against Austin High School with a final score of 6-3.

When asked about how eSports is run and what the future looks like, Coach White had this to say. “We have two official esports practices each week. One practice is a video review of our matches the previous week, and the second official practice is spent working on areas we discuss as weaknesses from the first practice. We also spend some time in our second official practice researching our opponents and making game plans/adjustments, if needed. In terms of the future, we are adding two new games: Madden and Fifa. I am interested to see the turnout and lineups for those following tryouts soon. If you’re considering joining our esports program, don’t hesitate! Don’t worry about rank or how many years you have been playing. We have so much room for improvement, and we have many very skilled players in our program that can help!”

Needless to say, the future of the team is looking very bright. With the greatly anticipated addition of more games to the lineup in the future like Fifa and Madden, the eSports team is only getting bigger and bigger as time goes on. Only time will tell if this is just a flash in the pan or the start of another force to be reckoned with from Bob Jones on the sports front.