Wrestling and BJ Athletics: A Conversation with Drew Lawson


Shelby West, Writer

Sports have been quite different this year because of the pandemic. With everyone trying to stay safe and keep their distance, it is difficult to keep high school athletics on track. Drew Lawson, a senior varsity wrestler and football player, said he is grateful Bob Jones athletics were able to happen this season. “Both seasons have gone very well,” he said, “we were very fortunate to have had seasons as many other states were not able to.” 

High school sports play a big role in the lives of student athletes. “My life really revolves around football and wrestling,” Lawson said, whether it be working out at home or watching one’s diet. “If you want to be the best at something,” he said, “then you have to do the extra stuff that no one else is doing.” “Going through the long practices, making weight, [and] getting to tournaments very early in the morning on the weekends is all very taxing and takes a lot,” Lawson said, “there is so much technique and discipline that goes into it.”

Thank you to all the coaches, parents, and players for supporting Bob Jones Athletics throughout the school year.