BJ Bowling Is Back


Julia Schwartz, Contributor

Bowling season is here! From October 12th to January 11th, 2022, the Bob Jones bowling team will be practicing and competing in many matches. The team is a fun, cooperative place to be. No matter how experienced you are, you are guaranteed to have a good time.

Their first match, on October 21st, was against Sparkman. The team didn’t win, but it was a good opportunity to see how we do during competition. The team has a couple more matches coming up; some good chances to learn more and get in the spirit of the games.

Throughout the season, the team will be playing various matches against eight other schools. The format that the teams use is called a Baker match. Baker matches usually consist of five bowlers who rotate in one game. The decision of who goes when is important. The fifth bowler is the whoever is currently doing the best, the fourth is next best, and then the third after that. The second bowler is the least experienced one, and last but not least, the bowler who goes first is the one that is most consistent and can kick off the game by inspiring their teammates.

The Bob Jones bowling team is a fun and cooperative place to be. Practices are always enjoyable and the team gets better every minute that they bowl. When some of the returning members of the team were interviewed, they talked about what a great experience it was and what it taught them. “We get to meet new people and learn to bowl better,” said Parker Cushing. “It’s lots of fun as a sport. Keeps me entertained. Love the setting I’m in and just having fun as we go,” said another member, Jordan Pennywell. The team is very supportive of each other, helping each other learn and keeping spirits high!

With matches starting, the team is learning both how to bowl better and how all the members work together. Everyone is hoping for a good season and looking forward to a lot of fun experiences. Let’s wish the team some luck!