Bob Jones Bowling Strikes Again


Julia Schwartz, Contributor

Bowling season is halfway through and the Bob Jones teams have represented us well. The boy’s team has won 5 out of nine and the girl’s team 4 out of 9. The girl’s record may seem low, but it is actually impressive when you consider that the team only has six members and has to forfeit matches if fewer than five are available for a game.

The games are played in the Baker Format. Five players per team take turns bowling a frame, with the order determined by skill level. The best player goes last to maximize the chances of making the most of a strike or spare before them. Bowling is typically thought of as an individual sport, but this format turns it into a team event. One downside is that the players don’t get to know the lane as well. Instead, they focus on their teammates when they go so that they can learn from them. But, most importantly, Baker matches promote teamwork and support as players have to trust each other to do their best for the success of the team.

And teamwork and support are what the Bob Jones team has. Coming from someone who is on the team, it’s a really fun place to be. You’re always learning from everyone else and no matter how many pins you hit, the team is always behind you. Coach Joy agreed, saying, “Yes, both girls and boys teams are very supportive of each other– cheering when a player picks up a spare or rolls a strike, and offering words of encouragement when they don’t.”

I also asked him about how the team was doing compared to last year and since the beginning of this year. “Yes, the team has improved from last year and continues to improve throughout the season,” he told me. I wasn’t on the team last year, but since day one of this year, I have noticed everybody improves. We’ve learned a lot from being on the team. We’ve learned how we can bowl better and we’ve gained a lot of experience.

Bowling against other teams is fun. Everyone is super friendly, they are great sports, and it is a great opportunity to learn. Here’s how the matches work: after stretching, team meeting, etc., there is a 15-minute practice. Halfway into the practice, the teams swap sides. Then they start the first game. After the first game, the teams swap sides again. This continues until somebody has won the match. Each match consists of seven games, and the first team to win four wins the match.

Halfway through the season, and the BJ Bowling team is staying strong! While the season continues, the team will continue to learn and gain experience- something that will definitely help them in later matches. Let’s wish the team some luck with their upcoming matches!