HalleLuka! Shoot 360 is Coming to Huntsville!

Baraka Busambwa, Contributor

Ball is life! A common saying amongst all hoopers alike. Whether it is because you’re on a team or if you just want to work out, basketball is a great sport to get into a play. Whether you’re working on individual skills or team skills, there is a lot to learn and practice.
What would happen if a building was built for the sole purpose of basketball development? Enter Shoot 360.
Shoot 360 is a basketball development center, assembled by various coaches to create a state-of-the-art training facility for those who are interested in perfecting their craft. They have machines for working on shooting forms and mechanics, finishing at the rim, passing, competition with other players, and even live training sessions with other coaches.
It’s a basketball haven for those who love the game of basketball. All of this is now coming to Madison! What started as a social media rumor has become a reality as Shoot 360 confirmed this on its website. Though it says Huntsville, if you look at the address, it has a Madison address. Of course, when you type this address into Google Maps, nothing comes up. Maybe it’s because it hasn’t been built yet.
We surveyed some students about the addition of this new facility. Despite some people saying they didn’t particularly enjoy or like basketball, many still said that they think there is a spot for it in Madison. The majority of the surveyed students were open to trying out this new facility and believe it can thrive in Madison. I, for one, am excited for Shoot 360 to come to our area, and I know a lot of other hoopers are as well. We’re all waiting for anticipation to shout “Kobe!” as we shoot our first shots at this location.